How to Improve Restaurant Customer Experience

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Improve Profits

Did you know that 38% of customer complaints are on social media and review sites where others can see? In this day and age, it’s important to provide exceptional customer experiences for each and every guest. One bad review can damage your reputation on its own, while a positive review can bring in new customers.

Customer satisfaction is key in the overall success of a restaurant. Increase your customer satisfaction by leveraging innovative restaurant technology designed to improve the restaurant customer experience.

Restaurant Customer Experience

Want to Learn More About How You Can Use Restaurant Technology to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Restaurant?

Here are a Few Technology Solutions You can Use to Your Advantage:

Online Ordering/Delivery

Online ordering and delivery opens your restaurant up to a much broader audience. This solution makes you more marketable to guests that don’t have the time to dine in. Delivery is the ultimate customer convenience, so make sure you provide a great restaurant customer experience by offering online ordering and delivery.

Guest List

You want to utilize a Guest List tool to allow guests to make reservations, accommodate special requests, and manage events and large parties. This tool also lets you provide accurate wait times and notify guests when tables are ready via SMS text messaging.


The best way to foster loyalty is to reward customers for repeat business. A customer loyalty program will help you retain customers and garner valuable insight into what their preferences are. Let guests view and redeem loyalty rewards points through smartphones, and allow employees to quickly look up customer information.

Promotions and Marketing

Even if you provide an exceptional restaurant customer experience and attract more customers,  it won’t mean anything unless you can get the word out about your business. Promotional and marketing tools can automate your marketing and give you data on offer redemption and the effectiveness of your promotions.

Floor Plan Management

Consider your restaurant’s overall ambience. Your front-of-house staff should be well-trained to ensure they are always courteous and kind to your guests to leave them with a good impression. Ensure your tables are configured for optimum spacing and your dining area has a comfortable atmosphere that lends itself to a positive restaurant customer experience.

Digital Signage/A-V

Use digital signs to inform guests of ongoing promotions and specials they may be interested in, or advertise theme nights and events. You can leverage these to upsell to customers, or just to create an inviting atmosphere.

Tableside Ordering

Using a mobile tablet POS system tableside gives servers the ability to take orders as they are being given and send them directly to the kitchen. This allows kitchen staff to fulfill orders faster, and ensure better accuracy with each order, which increases guest satisfaction and reduces wait times.