Restaurant POS Technology to Reduce Restaurant Theft and Shrinkage

Prevent Loss and Improve Your Bottom Line

Theft and shrinkage is a very real problem for restaurants. In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimates that internal employee theft is responsible for 75 percent of inventory shortages, and about 4 percent of restaurant sales. Three-quarters of employees steal from the workplace at least once, while half steal repeatedly.

Whether employees are taking bottles of liquor from the bar, giving out unauthorized discounts or freebies to relatives, or stealing from the cash drawer, this rampant problem is the cause of significant losses in revenue, and needs to be stopped. Fortunately, technology exists to help you reduce theft.

Restaurant theft prevention

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Reduce Employee Theft with Inventory Management

Leverage Advanced Solutions to Prevent Loss

The best way to reduce and prevent employee theft is to utilize a leading POS system with features that track all sales and inventory accurately. This can help you identify areas of loss or shrinkage so you can investigate further and see why your counts aren’t matching up. Keep employees accountable by tracking data and comparing what’s in your inventory currently with what should be.

Many advanced solutions track inventory automatically and in real-time, and some even have recipe costing tools that calculate food costs so you can see exactly how your profits are being affective. This technology allows you to run inventory and sales reports to see any discrepancies and narrow down details to see how they happened.

Monitor Employee Performance with Video Surveillance

Keep Employees Accountable and On-Task

Video surveillance has been utilized in many industries to monitor for suspicious activity, and the hospitality industry is no exception. If you are experiencing unidentified loss or theft, or you suspect that there may be some questionable activities going on in your business, you can install security cameras to monitor staff and customers.

These cameras can integrate directly into your POS system so you can monitor all activity, narrow down the suspected time frame, and review surveillance footage to see what occurred. Video surveillance isn’t just for monitoring employees, however. It can also deter customers from dining and dashing.

Identify Problems with Advanced Reporting

See Where Your Profits are Going

With leading restaurant point of sale technology, you can thoroughly track cash flow, sales, and tips—virtually any revenue coming into your restaurant—and ensure it all accurately accounted for. This includes sensitive processes like altered bills. With this feature, employees must ask permission from management before altering any customer checks, effectively stopping theft in its tracks.

Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Now that the liability shift has occurred, businesses are responsible for fraudulent credit card charges. EMV credit card processing is necessary to protect your business from fines and chargebacks due to fraudulent activity. Keep yourself and your business secure by integrating an EMV solution into your POS system.