Increase Your Profitability by Maximizing Traffic at Your Restaurant During Peak Times

To get ahead in a competitive industry like hospitality, the smart business owner is always on the lookout for new ways to maximize peak time profits and improve their business. Customer demands and preferences are always changing, so it’s critical to implement cutting-edge, flexible technology to help you meet current and future demands. Our solutions can helps you maximize traffic and business in your restaurant during peak hours and bring in more customers so you can stay on top.

Tableside Ordering

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Tableside Ordering / Payment

Leverage tableside ordering and payment to assist servers with orders and menus. With this, servers can access menus and look up information on nutrition or ingredients to answer guest questions. Servers with tablet POS can input orders as soon as they are given, which streamlines the ordering process while increasing order accuracy.

Mount tablets to tables and allow guests to browse through options, input orders themselves, or pay whenever they are done without having to wait for a server. You can unlock new opportunities to increase revenue through upselling prompts, and free up servers to do other tasks on the floor.

Suggestive Selling

There have been many developments on the customer-facing front that allow restaurant owners to leverage suggestive selling. You can utilize this technology to tempt customers with additional purchases and opportunities to add on to their orders. Kiosks, tableside ordering, guest displays, and online ordering are all innovative solutions that you can use to increase upselling opportunities, and maximize peak time profits.

Floor Plan Management

Boost traffic and help your staff work more productively in your restaurant through advanced restaurant software solutions, offered by Transform POS. By integrating this technology, you can streamline your reservations, optimize your dining space, provide more accurate wait times, and speed up table turns to serve more guests. When you implement this revolutionary technology into your operation, you can easily maximize peak time profits and boost your revenue.


When you have cutting-edge technology, you want to make sure you have the support to back it up and help you get the most out of your investment. With comprehensive support offered by Transform POS, you can eliminate downtime and keep your business running at peak productivity. We’re available 24/7 to help answer questions, solve issues, and service your technology.