How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency

Six Solutions to Improve Restaurant Efficiency and Increase Revenue

Improving restaurant efficiency is an easy way to bring more revenue into a restaurant. Efficient restaurants eliminate waste in energy, time, materials, money, and efforts with staff. Are you ready to improve your restaurant’s efficiency?

Improve Restaurant Efficiency

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Check Out These Six Solutions

Tableside Ordering/Payment

An easy way to improve restaurant efficiency is to implement tableside ordering. This gives servers the ability to work faster and enter orders more accurately. Guests can have more control over their orders with tableside ordering and payment, and can close their bill as soon as they’re ready, instead of waiting for servers.

Online/Mobile Ordering

Online and mobile ordering opens your restaurant to an entire new audience looking for speed and efficiency. These solutions allow your customers to order from anywhere on a user-friendly interface. With online and mobile ordering, you can see order sizes increase by as much as 20% with upselling opportunities. This technology doesn’t just improve restaurant efficiency, it helps you enhance your online presence and boost your brand representation, while delivering better customer experiences.

Connection to 3rd Party Aggregators

Few things improve restaurant efficiency more than seamless integration with third party apps and solutions. When you combine your data across all systems, you can achieve deeper visibility and significantly cut down on the time it takes to conduct management responsibilities.

Kiosk Ordering

With kiosks, you can offer upselling prompts that encourage customers to increase order sizes, deliver faster service, and reduce wait times. Since customers are able to input their own orders, you will have fewer errors and less waste. Kiosks also free up employees to focus on other tasks for a more optimized workflow.

Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen display systems (KDS) tell kitchen staff exactly what to prepare, the order in which they should prepare it, and how your customers would like their orders prepared. All of this information is transmitted to the kitchen right from the POS with the press of a button. Instead of using paper tickets, which can be misread or lost, orders will appear on large monitors, making them easier to read. Once orders are ready to be delivered to customers, the KDS will notify servers.

Reservation and Table Management

When you are trying to improve restaurant efficiency, you don’t want to leave your table service operations out. Implement reservation and seating management modules to help you optimize your dining space and turn tables faster. This technology can seamlessly integrate with your POS to help you manage your reservations and provide more accurate wait times to customers, which improves the customer experience.

Inventory Control

Manual inventory processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. Leverage innovative restaurant inventory management software to automate the process, save time, reduce waste, and stay informed of what’s going in and out of your business. Use alerts to notify you of low stock, and suggested ordering so that you don’t run out. Our software helps you simplify your inventory process and achieve better restaurant efficiency.

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