Foster Profitable Customer Relationships

Build Loyalty and Brand Awareness

Turn first-time visitors into loyal customers, and give them a reason to keep coming back for more with Heartland’s Gift & Loyalty solution. A robust gift and loyalty management solution can help you retain existing customers and encourage them to spend more by offering a desirable incentive program.

Every interaction you have with your customers helps to build a stronger individual customer profile. Gift & Loyalty empowers you leverage information provided at the point of sale and during initial customer enrollment, for deeper understanding of each of your customers, so you can offer better, more personalized promotions.

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Benefits of Heartland’s Gift & Loyalty:

Heartland’s Gift & Loyalty delivers an integrated multi-channel marketing platform designed to engage your customers using the communication methods they prefer. We currently support e-mail, SMS-text, social media and even direct mail.

In addition, you can:

  • Increase your profits by encouraging customers to spend more
  • Build your brand by offering a valuable loyalty program
  • Improve the customer experience by providing personalized offers
  • Simplify gift and rewards management through Heartland’s intuitive platform

Gift + Rewards Features

This innovative gift card and loyalty management software paves the way for maximum customer engagement with each offer, driving more frequent visits, larger purchases, and a better overall personal experience.

  • Load spending card
  • Points-based rewards
  • Online management portal for customers
  • Real-time account information on receipts
Gift + Rewards