User-Friendly, Cutting-Edge Restaurant Point of Sale Technology

As a business owner, would you rather have a streamlined and efficient restaurant management, or a team that’s dedicated to ensuring customers have great experiences? With Heartland Digital Dining, available through Transform, you can have both. Built by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners, Digital Dining was designed to be exceptionally user-friendly.  With on-screen prompts to guide servers through the process and engaging icons to easily distinguish between different items, you and your staff can focus less on learning complicated POS software, and focus more on your customers.

Whether you manage a single location or a nation-wide chain of 100+ restaurants, this scalable, customizable solution features cutting edge technology and remarkable functionality. Get all the tools you need to manage and grow your business at your fingertips. Digital Dining, restaurant point of sale offers the complete solution, whether your run a family-style restaurant, the hottest night club in town, or anything in between.

Heartland Digital Dining

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Restaurant Point of Sale Couldn’t be Easier

Digital Dining is clear, uncomplicated, and intuitive. Simply by touching an attractive icon, servers can identify menu groups, display all the available options, and place orders. Once a choice has been made, modifiers will be automatically displayed, so servers can effortlessly send information like doneness, condiments, and special requests directly to the kitchen or bar. With on-screen guest checks in constant view, your servers can easily avoid any mistakes.

Benefits and Features for Every Business:

Digital Dining offers an intuitive interface to optimize ordering and minimize errors. This secure, flexible configuration allows you to effortlessly manage workflow, and with the mobility that Digital Dining Handhelds provide, your servers never have to leave the dining area. But don’t think you have to give up functionality for mobility and ease of use.

With Digital Dining, you can expect:

  • Customizable menus and pricing
  • Fast and simple checkout
  • Order fulfillment/kitchen display system (KDS) management
  • Customized printing for checks, prep tickets, time slips and more
  • Convenient payment options
  • Streamlined inventory and labor management