Fill Seats Faster with More Convenience

Make a lasting impression on your customers from the moment they step foot in your door. Heartland Guest List is easily configurable, to give your staff a convenient way to record, find, and manage your seating and reservations electronically, so guests can be seated faster and staff can provide better customer service.

Special seating accommodations and large parties are a breeze, and you can even rotate seating and spread out reservations evenly so that your dining area is optimized for the most efficient service. Expertly manage server rotation and dining capacity so that you no longer lose customers due to long wait times. Reconfigure seating for large groups with ease with the drag and drop feature. Guest List gives you the power and knowledge to balance reservations and walk-ins like a pro, so guests are provided with the dining experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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Benefits that Suit Your Business

Reservation Management: Our management solution provides the tools to increase table turnover, accommodate special seating requests, and handle all aspects of reservations quickly and efficiently.

POS Integration: Our smart solution seamlessly integrates with your POS and is compatible with a wide array of mobile devices, so that all of your crucial systems work in harmony.

Improved Service: Guest List enables you to deliver top-notch dining experiences by reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.

Decreased Wait Time: by better managing your wait list, you are shaving off minutes of wait time.


  • Staff Rotation: Spread out reservations and seat on a rotation to avoid bogging down one wait staff and hurting table turn times.
  • Table Properties: Seat guests where they prefer to be seated.
  • Reservations: Organize existing and new reservations.
  • Event Scheduling: Manage large parties or events easily so other guests won’t be affected.

Smart Waitlist

Increase walk-ins and keep the hostess stand clear of crowds and by sending automated texts or calls to let guests know when their tables are ready. The intelligent guest list solution provides accurate wait times so you can keep your guests informed.


Automatically sync reservations with the waitlist so that there is no confusion with staff or customers when it comes to table availability. Online and mobile reservations are becoming more and more popular, so it’s critical to have an efficient way to manage these reservations alongside reservations made via phone and in person. With Heartland’s Guest List, you can customize your solution to suit your business.

Mobile App

Forget about third-party fees for mobile or online reservations. mobile app gives customers the option to make reservations online, and provides staff with updates and tools for seating management. Compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, you can easily download the app and upgrade your reservation system with the press of a button.