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Heartland’s Email Marketing Solution Helps You Grow

Save time, money, and effort with Heartland’s remarkable email marketing solution, provided by Transform POS. With this leading marketing software, you will be equipped to run more effective, targeted promotions and broaden your reach.

With email marketing, you can improve communication with your customers and gain insight into their preferences. Create unique coupons and targeted promotions to send directly to your customer base. When you leverage software that provides professional marketing tools and generates detailed reports, you can create a strategic marketing campaign that successfully fosters more profitable relationships with your customers.

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Why Email Marketing is Good for Your Business

Heartland’s email marketing solution is designed to be easy and efficient to use, while still providing all the benefits of complex, sophisticated marketing software:

  • Centralized Marketing: Consolidate all of your marketing and advertising endeavors to manage them via a single dashboard.
  • Effective Promotions: Review demographics, interest, and results from campaigns to improve customer engagement.
  • Smart Analytics: Analyze the success or failure of each promotion, and compare the effectiveness and engagement to past promotions.
  • Reduced Fraud: Generate unique codes for each individual coupon you send and reduce coupon fraud without negatively affecting promotions.

Innovative Features

  • Intuitive Dashboard: Monitor effectiveness of your advertising efforts and review analytics from your performance dashboard.
  • Customer Sign-Up: Easily grow your customer database and automatically integrate customer information.
  • Identifiable Coupons: Reduce coupon theft or fraudulent activity with unique codes generated for each coupon.
  • Strategic Targeting: Target individual members of your audience or entire demographics with segmentation tools for custom promotions.